The first step to find your passion

While doing research to write a college admission guide, Cal Newport received a revealing advice during an interview: “You need to be exposed to many things,” she told me. “You should expose yourself even though you might not know if you’ll be interested.” When you find something that catches your attention: follow-up; see if it sticks.… Continue reading The first step to find your passion

Linkedin for professionals

Just as Facebook has become our default social lubricant, LinkedIn is the global standard to connect with other professionals. Almost all of my friends who have changed jobs in the past year, have been hired for their current job via LinkedIn. Nevertheless, they all have an embarrassing LinkedIn profile. Yes, these very same persons who… Continue reading Linkedin for professionals

How to create better charts

We’re often tempted to include some kind of accessorizing effect in our charts without knowing that deep down we’re making them impossible to interpret and thus ruining their purpose. A typical case is the 3D pie chart. Many people, including executives, have a certain likeness for 3D charts. Somehow they believe that these look “modern”.… Continue reading How to create better charts