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3 LinkedIn profiles that work while you sleep

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of having a good LinkedIn profile and how you could revamp yours.

Days later, I searched among my friends and found three profiles that stand out above the average. So much so, that they motivated me to write a follow-up article and share these summaries with you:

Iria Puyosa

I’m focused on research & consulting on social capital, social networks, TICs for development, community organizing and public opinion formation.

I work to build a network of knowledge-sharing in all venues I transit, such as universities, social movements and the social web places.

I apply the lenses of social capital and networks of information to all my professional projects, adapting and adjusting to the different needs I face.

Iria summarizes in three lines in which specific fields she might be useful in. She also earns extra points by placing the Spanish translation immediately after it.

Luis Nouel

What matters is not what you know because you’ve read or your degrees. What really matters are the experiences that have shaped your view.

I have participated in many interesting projects about marketing, communication and strategic management. I have been privileged to work at companies of different sectors as chemical, communication, retail sales, consulting and training.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned over the years. I’d love you to join me to keep learning.

Luis immediately reflects an attitude of walking along with you: learning a little bit more every day. That attitude of not only working, but  learning,  immediately shows how much an organization would gain by having Luis on board.

Freddy Andara

“Stuff & Thoughts” or shall I say “Goods & Services”. My business is obtaining the thing any business needs. Much more than a buyer. Procurement is no longer an Operational task; it has a life of its own, it’s a core activity within any enterprise, Resource Management is vital for a healthy business and any Project must know from the get go, What, Where and When do we really need those key elements to achieve the established goals.

As a Procurement Specialist my job is to help with the design of solid and sound yet dynamic Procurement Plan, endorsed by the highest International standards. Getting to know any specialized market and adapting to its mainstream.

Freddy is making a powerful statement. It’s impossible not to perceive his knowledge and passion for his field of work.

These three summaries comply with the empirical rules for a good LinkedIn profile that I previously established in the first post of this series.

  1. Does not mention college degrees.
  2. It is written in the first person.
  3. It can be read and said in less than a minute.

Because of that, these are also good examples of that 15-second marketing that I’ve been talking about.