A hub to end all dongles

When I got the 2016 MacBook I knew that I was condemning myself to the dongle life. However, instead of complaining or getting on with the program and buy 2 or 10 dongles. I researched a bit and found the perfect solution for my desktop.

I wanted a docking station to connect two monitors (one DVI and another one HDMI), an Ethernet cable, several USB devices, and still have a single USB C cable going to my computer. This is exactly what this USB dock by KKmoon provides. You may find under several names: KKMoon USB 3.1 dock, Lapdock or WavLink. It uses a technology called DisplayLink, a standard to connect computers and displays using USB and, unlike many, many other dongles, it’s able to drive multiple displays.

If you need something more portable, Cable Matters has a good alternative. However it doesn’t allow you to drive two monitors a the same time.

If for some reason, you still want the dongle life, I recommend dongle.life, a website that recommends you the best dongle for your need.