A short and sweet introduction to Pentaho Data Integration

6906OT_Instant Pentaho Data Integration Kitchen
Whenever I have to create or maintain a Pentaho Data Integration scheduled job I have to go back to the Pentaho wiki or google for use cases. Although I should, I never remember the specifics and going through 2007 forum posts and outdated documentation is always a pain.

Recently, I stumbled upon Instant Pentaho Data Integration Kitchen, a quick and inexpensive reference guide for using the PDI command line tools.

Sergio Ramazzina guides you through the process of designing a simple Data Integration job –along with best practices that will ease your life come maintenance day–, using the proper command line tool and scheduling the transformation for periodic execution.

If you’re looking for a short, inexpensive and authoritative guide on creating Pentaho Data Integration jobs and scheduling them using the command line tools, this is it.

Instant Pentaho Data Integration Kitchen


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