Two Dropbox alternatives


Like everyone else, I’ve run out of space in my Dropbox and my Google Drive.

Besides, I’m low on space in my hard drive, so I’ve been looking for a solution that enables me to do manual backups, to have some mp3 and video files in an off-site and relatively safe place.

So, I’ve been browsing and testing different alternatives, with four specific conditions:

  1. Has to be free (initially).
  2. Has to offer 5GB or more.
  3. Has to allow automatic sync of a folder and at the same time it has to let you manually copy files.
  4. It mustn’t have file-size limits. Most of the popular cloud storage services, like Box or MEGA, impose a 200MB (or so) limit per file.

Turns out it’s not so easy to find a service with these characteristics. But I managed to find two:


Bitcasa offers 5GB to start with and 1GB for each friend that you invite, up to 20GB.



But I think Copy is the best one. They offer 20GB to start and 5GB per invite. Yes, 5GB. Besides, that friend who you invite also receives an extra 5GB for the invitation. So everybody wins. Another cool thing about Copy is that if you share a 3GB folder with 3 friends, each one consumes only 1GB of their cuota. Which is genius and completely logical.

Both services work the same way as Dropbox: you install an app which creates a special folder in your hard drive which syncs automatically with the cloud. But also they let you manually upload files to free up some space in your hard drive.




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