How to build quick and free charts


Back in July 2013, the guys from released their Chartbuilder tool to the rest of the world.

Quartz is a very successful online magazine. For their charting needs they use Chartbuilder, a web tool they built to streamline their cumbersome Excel-based process and convert it to a three step copy+paste, copy+paste, publish workflow.

Author David Yanofksy:

(…) frustrated by the amount of my own time it was taking to produce even the simplest charts in our style, I set out to make a tool that would allow me to support the charting needs of the newsroom without consuming all of my time. It quickly turned into an application for the entire newsroom.

Back in July 2013 they released the tool to the rest of us. Chartbuilder can be downloaded and installed in your machine, but you can also use their hosted version here.


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